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FSG established high precision molding technology for the submicron accuracyin manufactures MT ferrule, optical multi-core connectors.

We boast strong technological prowessat very low cost and very high dimensional accuracy, with a MT ferrule and wemanage the eccentricity of optical fiber hole at less than 0.5um by ourJapanese high precision molding technologies.

Precision injection molding is ourcore capability since FSG was founded.            

FSG was one of the best molders of MT ferrule products regarding the use ofworld class Japanese molding equipment, robotic part handling, clean roomquality inspecting. those facilities can be benchmarked by other world’s bestcaptive molding companies.

We currently possess 2 ~ 32 multicores MT Ferrules for various optical communication use and it appeals to manycompanies manufacturing high technology and high quality fiber optic component.


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   A company is its people! Team work enhanceindividual excellent performance to achieve the goal.Innovation andBreakthrough always enable us to conquer our own limitations!Our goal is toearn the trust of our customers with our best, most competitive, high qualityproducts.

Company quality policy

    We will strive to improve the organizations development, production and sales by settingquality control first. With superior quality and customer service we will earnthe trust of our customers and aim for the development of company goodreputation.

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